One day in February of 2009, Sara Hoekstra received a call from her brother who operated the family dairy in Santa Barbara County.  He was curious if she was interested in making cheese.  At the time she was working for another brother in the Los Angeles area, but decided to research the idea of making cheese in her spare time.  

Since she was a little girl she loved being in the kitchen, but loved to be out on the dairy even more.  With a degree in business and four years of application behind her she felt that it was a good time to take on the challenge of starting her own company that would combined her interests in both food and farm by creating and making cheese.  In 2010 at the age of twenty-five, Sara Hoekstra started The Santa Barbara Cheese Company.

"I want to create a company that puts value into a quality, healthy product.  Cheese should be about more than just mass production - something so many of our foods have become susceptible to."  The Santa Barbara Cheese Company has a "Green Cheese" outlook, conscious of its role as a food and company in relation to how it affects people.   A "give back" program is just one of the ways in which we have shown  our commitment to the "Green Cheese".

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